Zumbathon- Amigos de Mi Tierra

Another great fundraiser event has been confirmed!

It is official – the “Zumbathon- Amigos de Mi Tierra” will happen at Crocker Farm Elementary School Cafeteria in South Amherst. The event will take place on December 8th from 1 to 3 pm. Zulma Rivera has put together something special for everyone, so please come out and support this great event!


From Indiegogo

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Hi there, we are a hard working family who make our living as tattoo artists. We moved to western Massachusetts not too long ago from New Orleans. The reason for our move was for the health of our son. We decided to move specifically to Massachusetts as we had family and support and felt we could take this time to focus on our son. We knew we would need to work in the meantime and we decided to open a shop with a friend of ours who already had a shop nearby. With our powers combined, great things were sure to come!!  

It took us over two months to build out the new shop, but man, when it was done – we were so excited to open. Our antique photographs, taxidermy, paintings, Victorian prints and various other gifts from clients collected over the years were the finishing touches of making our shop feel complete. A visual history of our lives where we have been and personal reflection of our obsessive collecting showed wall-to-wall. When you spend that much time at work, you truly want it to feel like home, in my opinion. Plus, it’s nice to have stuff to look at while your getting tattooed. Business was good and our son Dexter’s health got better and better! Life is good, right?

Sunday night we got a call that the shop was on fire. We raced down there only to see it go up in flames, along with plenty other businesses in the same block. We were heartbroken and in disbelief of what we just saw. All of our tools, tattoo machines, equipment, furniture, electronics, reference material, art books, thousands of original drawings, our artist portfolios – that we depend on every day to make a living – gone! Not to mention, the irreplaceable things like antiques, paintings, drawings, photographs, and personal gifts from clients.

Sure, we had liability insurance as all businesses should, but unfortunately we did not have contents’ insurance. Everything burned in the fire. We have basically lost all means to make any income. We are hoping with your help in donations so that we can begin to rebuild our lives and obtain the tools and resources necessary to once again tattoo.

The money donated will go towards the cost of tattoo machines, sterilization equipment, office equipment, supplies, reference materials, furniture, and all other tattoo supply and items lost. 

While money won’t help with the irreplaceable items, it will help us to move forward with our lives through this tragedy. Thanks for taking the time to read, hope you can help 


All our best,


Joe, Cassie and Dexter